The Three Biological Stages of Stress

stressed woman in need of Osteopathy

Today in the Osteopath Calgary blog, I’m going to talk about the three biological stages of stress in the body. A question all of our patients get asked during an Osteopathic treatment is: “do you feel stressed?” About 90% of the time, the patient says “no”, or “gosh, it’s nothing compared to what it used to be.” Then I ask: “do you think you’re busy?” And then some will admit that they might be a little! It seems that stress has a very negative connotation in our culture today and…

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Anxiety and Depression in Pregnancy


Anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after pregnancy are the focus of this entry in the Psychologist Calgary blog. When I was pregnant with twins a few years ago, the medical professionals who were taking care of me were great in supporting me to take care of my body in order to help my babies grow. However, as a mental health professional, it did strike me that no one ever asked me if I was experiencing any prenatal depression or anxiety. The topic of mental health is still a tricky…

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Managing Stress in a World That Values “Busy”


Today in the Psychologist Calgary blog, I’m going to discuss ways of managing stress when you live in a culture that values being busy all the time. Everyone uses the word stress to describe something a little different. Stress could be someone’s emotional experience in response to increased responsibilities at work. It could also describe the anticipation one feels for an upcoming event (e.g. planning a wedding, going on a first date). Another person might describe how stress has impacted his or her body when they talk about having a…

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Osteopathic Treatment Through A Future Mom’s Eyes

osteopathy during pregnancy

Today in the Osteopath Calgary blog, a patient of ours shares her experience with Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy: “At my first appointment, I was in the middle of my third pregnancy and was experiencing lots of pain in my lower back making it difficult to walk, my mid back, and my neck causing daily headaches. I couldn’t find relief for more than a couple of days from chiropractors or massage therapists. I assumed that this was just how my body did pregnancy and that I wouldn’t find much relief from…

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Can Acupuncture Help During Pregnancy?


As an acupuncturist, I get a lot of questions from pregnant women who are thinking about acupuncture, pregnancy, and whether the two are a good mix, so I’m dedicating this Acupuncture Calgary article to the topic. Did you know that 22% of women will seek acupuncture support when trying to become pregnant but only 10% of women use acupuncture during their pregnancy? Acupuncture is a great drug free alternative for moms-to-be to turn to when they are experiencing problems during pregnancy. Many of the issues experienced during pregnancy can be…

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A Calgary Naturopath on The Mechanics of Stress


This time in the Calgary Naturopathic blog, I’m going to discuss some of the mechanics of stress and discuss what you can do to help your body through periods of increased stress. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, two tiny yet crucial glands that sit atop your kidneys. Cortisol is often referred to as our ‘stress’ hormone as it’s secreted in excess from the adrenal glands during times of stress. During short term stressful events cortisol is a necessary hormone which allows us to rise to the…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Calgary Summers and The Fire Element


Today in the Acupuncture Calgary Blog, I want to talk about summer as it relates to the fire element. Through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Calgary summers belong to the fire element. Fire, like summer, is expansive, radiant, outgoing, and warm. It is a yang season where light, warmth, activity, and interaction are at a peak. Summer offers an abundant variety of fresh foods and the diet should reflect this. Minerals and oils are sweat out of the body which can cause weakness if not replaced through a varied…

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Osteopath Calgary Blog: Summer Sports and Caring For Your Body


Here’s a story about a guy named Greg that you might be able to relate to. As far as our Osteopathy Calgary advice goes, this could be filed under the Calgary sports therapy section, or you might even just consider it good basic advice for participating in any strenuous activity during the summer months in our great city: Greg has been aiming to do a triathlon for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, between his busy engineering job and his family life with kids, it hasn’t happened yet. Every January,…

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