Cheryl Lee

I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist who works in Calgary at Healthy By Nature. I draw upon techniques and a methodology from a time-tested, 3000-year-old practice to bring your body back into balance with its health.

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Improving Circulation with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help improve your blood circulation

Did you know that one of acupuncture’s strengths is to prevent blood stagnation? When there is not enough “qi” energy to move the blood around the body, poor blood circulation can be one of the causes of numbness/tingling in our extremities, cramps, loss of colour in the hands or feet, and poor skin healing. Acupuncture can improve circulation in the body: studies using ultrasound have shown that acupuncture points on the feet and legs can stimulate an increase in blood flow to the eyes, upper limbs, and abdominal organs. The…

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Colds and the Immune System according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

immune system warrior fights colds

The system in our body that we rely on so much when there are colds/flu going around is our personal “warrior”: the immune system. In Chinese Medicine, the immune system relies heavily on the state of the body’s Wei Qi (“way-chee”), otherwise known as defensive qi. This defensive energy is like a protective “rain jacket” that circulates on the exterior of the body and can be affected by both internal and external factors known as pathogens (like nasty bacteria or viruses). Internally, the immune system is most commonly affected by…

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Can Acupuncture Improve Sports Performance?

acupuncture for sports performance

Yes! Acupuncture can be used to heal from injuries, decrease recovery time, and enhance rest time. There can also be bonus side effects such as improved digestion and sleep–both of which lead to better overall health and wellness. Acupuncture activates your body’s own healing response which are responsible for the release of your natural pain relieving hormones while simultaneously increasing blood flow to the affected area to promote further healing. This reaction not only triggers a local effect to the injured tissues, but also a systemic anti-inflammatory effect through the…

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Calm your Mind by using your Body: the Mind-Body Connection of Chinese Medicine

calm your mind with TCM

Our mental health is extremely important to ensure that our physical bodies are functioning well. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) identifies all emotions as having the potential to disrupt our mental health and become pathogenic. Everything from anger, joy, overthinking, grief, and fear can be the root cause of many physical symptoms in TCM when experienced out of balance. Most people will seek health advice from a professional to address the physical concerns that they are experiencing without even realizing the mental connection. And while a quick cure (usually in the…

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