Who Is Osteopathy For?

Osteopathy is for people who want to treat the cause of their pain instead of patching the symptoms with a band-aid.

Osteopathy can help people from all walks of life, from athletes to elders, pregnant women, babies and kids. We each have different health issues creating adaptations in the body, and these manifest differently throughout the various stages of life. A trained Osteopathic therapist is equipped to treat many of these different pains and health problems as they arise in their patients.

We get asked all the time “what do Osteopaths do?” The simple answer is that we use a variety of manual therapy techniques to assess and then treat you in a way that focuses on rebalancing your body’s natural mechanisms such that your health increases and takes the place of the illness or dysfunction. In short, Osteopathic manual therapists replace illness with health, inside your body.

Exactly how does an Osteopathic manual therapist do this?–what does an Osteopathic manual therapist do to rebalance your body and increase your health? The answer to this is more complex because the Osteopathic manual therapist’s toolbox is not limited to one particular type of technique the way that a chiropractor’s or a physiotherapist’s is. There are many different branches of Osteopathy, including structural Osteopathy, visceral Osteopathy, and cranial Osteopathy, each with their own sub-types of the practice that involve their own specific style of Osteopathic manipulations.

Osteopathic manipulation of the back

If you’re wondering which type of Osteopathy is right for you, a highly trained Osteopathic manual therapist like Raphaelle Strub or Chloé Sardin will have these various styles of Osteopathic treatment in her toolbox and will be able to determine which type of treatment is appropriate in your situation.

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