Testimonials from Healthy By Nature Patients

Here’s what our patients are saying about us:

I’m proud to say as of November of 2017, I am completely off Pantroprazole. My health has been great! My cardio is great, my muscles don’t ache any more. I was so active this summer and my fitness level was fantastic. I still eat healthy but can treat myself from time to time by eating out or having snacks. My gut has become healthier.
– Anon (read full testimonial)

Stephanie didn’t leave any stone unturned and suggested multiple approaches that were flexible, leading edge, and creative. She and my gynecologist worked as a team, sharing test results and ideas. After three days of taking iodine, I felt like I did when I was 25–I went from needing walking poles to walk 1 km to walking 6 km unaided in just one week! In addition, my perimenopausal symptoms have nearly disappeared.
– Sandra (read full testimonial)

I believe Dr. Lee’s knowledge and therapies were instrumental in keeping my stride strong and prevented injury throughout my training and the marathon itself. A strong and healthy body makes or breaks a marathon success and it is not only what got me across the finish line, but to the start line.
– Anita (read full testimonial)

Raphaëlle, there are no words to describe what we are feeling. We have our daughter back. She is now living again and out doing things. All we can say is thank you, even though that seems to be a sad understatement.
– Heather (read full testimonial)

Raphaelle is a warm, friendly, empathetic, skilled osteopath who has a palpable genuine desire to help her clients…. [She] also has a unique perspective in that as a former elite athlete, she can relate to those who are more athletic in their pursuits…. I love coming to see Raphaelle.
– Sandra (read full testimonial)

Thanks to Cheryl and her Traditional Chinese Medicine, we were able to have the natural birth that we really wanted. Our family owes Cheryl Lee a lot and we will definitely be going back to her for our next baby!
– Julia (read full testimonial)

Chloé! Isaiah is honestly a different baby! He went from crying 4-5 or more hours a day to crying maybe a half hour in total the last couple of days – normal! He went from taking over an hour of screaming for me to put him to sleep, to taking 5 CALM minutes. … I no longer dread when he wakes up. … Everyone was commenting on how great of a baby he was…they should have seen him prior to Thursday. … Finally I’m enjoying my baby. Thank you so much.
– Lavina (read full testimonial)

I have had acupuncture from other practitioners before, but Cheryl is in a league of her own–her treatments were far more effective (as well as less scary!)… She is so fast and gentle, you barely notice the needle going in, if at all.
– Sandra (read full testimonial)

Dr. Cheryl Lee is the first and only acupuncturist I have ever and will ever see. She is thorough and caters my treatment very well to my variety of needs.
– Amanda (read full testimonial)

I starting seeing Cheryl during my second pregnancy, I was suffering from SI and sciatic pain as well as insomnia. It was amazing! My symptoms were gone almost immediately, I had more energy and could finally get some sleep without my hips hurting. As my pregnancy progressed, at 37 weeks, my little baby bean hadn’t turned yet and was a potential breech birth. Cheryl rescued the day by being able to turn the baby with acupuncture and moxa herb.
– Debbie (read full testimonial)

When I met Raphaëlle, I was in a lot of pain, but was also very anxious about my health. Raphaëlle normalized my situation and was able to help me not only by treating the problem with Osteo treatments, but by helping me to realize the impact of my own worries on the state of my health. After a few treatments, I felt great improvement and began to return to activities such as going to the gym which seemed very daunting prior to my visits with her. I regained confidence, found strategies to deal with setbacks and am now feeling very positive about my health. I can honestly say that Raphaëlle made a HUGE difference for me, and that I am very appreciative for everything that she did for me.
– Cassandra (read full testimonial)

Chloé did not just treat my symptoms; she assessed everything. I was delightfully surprised how different her approach was from any other professionals. I distinctly remember her saying when I asked her how often I should see her and she said “I’d rather get you fixed and feeling great as soon as possible so I am not going to tell you to come five times a week: come when you think you need to, but when my patients are feeling great, that means I’ve done my job right.” There was no pressure and she fixed me.
– Nadia (read full testimonial)

Hi Chloé! Michael was sick the week before he saw you. After Michael’s appointment with you, he went right to sleep in the van. The next day, Michael made some pretty amazing progress! Michael framed his father. He became mischievous. I’ve never seen this. It was awesome.
– Carmen (read full testimonial)

I felt immediate relief and gained significant mobility after the first session. [Chloé] treated me weekly for about three weeks, then every other week for a few treatments and finally told me that if I followed her home exercises, that she would not have to see me anymore. She was absolutely right.
– Bob M. (read full testimonial)

Chloé is one of the most talented health-care practitioners of any discipline, with an uncanny ability to find the source of issues that others have often missed…
– Lawrence L. (read full testimonial)

Each day, I feel more and more like my former self. It’s such an incredible feeling to have my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
– Steve K (read full testimonial)

In one session, she found the root cause and did some visceral work on the organs in my abdomen. She explained the causes as being both lifestyle/stress-related and explained its effect on my organs. By the time I got off the table, I felt 75% better and was feeling well on my way to 100% better in a few days. What a relief!
– Sandra R (read full testimonial)

A month later, she’s been over a week without a single accident. She’s so excited and super proud since she was starting to feel like this was hanging over her head…. I feel like this is related to her treatment, and I wanted to say thank you. We really appreciate all you do for our family.
– Lavina (read full testimonial)


testimonials from Healthy By Nature's patients

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