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Osteopathy appointment prices

Osteopathy appointments and pricing

These are the Osteopathic Therapy services offered at Healthy By Nature by Raphaëlle Strub, Chloé Sardin, and Natalie Pateman:

Adult first visit (50 to 60 minutes)  –  $135
Adult follow-up (35 to 45 minutes)  –  $105
Babies/kids under 16 first visit (35 to 45 minutes)  –  $105
Babies/kids under 16 follow-up (20 to 30 minutes)  –  $85

We keep the appointment length flexible because our therapists have to write notes, clean the room between seeing you and the next patient; you have to have enough time to change, and for those with kids: you need time to pack everybody up!



Naturopathy appointment prices

Naturopathy appointments and pricing

These are the Naturopathy services offered at Healthy By Nature by Naturopathic Doctor Stephanie Bristow:

Adult first appointment (90 minutes)  –  $230
Adult first follow-up appointment (45 minutes)  –  $130
Adult follow-up appointment (30 minutes)  –  $90
Child first appointment (0 – 14 years old) (60 minutes)  –  $160
Child follow-up appointment (30 minutes)  –  $90

Prior to initial appointments feel free to book a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Bristow. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about your health concerns and better understand the process of working with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Before your initial appointment please complete the intake form and return it either by email or in person. This is preferred as it allows Dr. Bristow the opportunity to review and research your case prior to your appointment. The intake form takes about 30 minutes to complete, please give yourself ample time.

The amount of follow-up appointments needed is dependent on your health concerns and goals. You can expect a likely minimum of two appointments, however most commonly it takes three to five appointments to get there.

The first follow up is usually within two to four weeks of the initial appointment. This allows you to start integrating the treatment plan while we wait for blood work, imaging and any additional test results which influence follow up treatment details.

Health Insurance FAQ:

Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by Alberta Health Services, but it is a deductible medical expense.

Naturopathic medicine is typically covered by most extended health insurance, check with your insurance company for details. Laboratory testing and supplements are usually only covered for those with a health spending account. Dr. Bristow will requisition your blood work and medical imaging from your family Doctor. If additional blood work is required it can either be done through Dr. Bristow or by your MD, however there is a cost for completing blood work through Naturopathic Doctors.



Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine appointment prices

Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture appointments and pricing

These are the TCM services offered at Healthy By Nature by Cheryl Lee, Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor:

Meet and Greet (15 min)  –  free
First Appointment (75 min)  –  $110
Follow-up appointment (45 min)  –  $80
Birth Prep. – Pregnant women at or after 32 weeks  –  $60

  • 6 appointments (Initial + 5 follow-ups or 6 follow-ups)  –  $450 (save $60)
  • 12 appointments (Initial + 11 follow-ups or 12 follow-ups)  –  $850 (save $140)



Psychological Counselling prices

Psychological Counselling appointments and pricing

These are the Counselling services offered at Healthy By Nature by Psychologist Jennifer McCormick:

Meet and Greet (15 minutes)  –  free
Individual Counselling Session (50 minutes)  –  $190
Individual Counselling Session (80 minutes)  –  $285

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