Traditional Chinese Medicine for Children

cupping for children

So, you have completed all of your prenatal acupuncture sessions, delivered your beautiful bundle of joy, and are now going through all the motions involved with being a new parent. Now, who can you turn to when your child has a problem? What are your complementary health care options? Many people are aware of the chiropractic, naturopathic, and osteopathic care options, but what about Traditional Chinese Medicine for children? You may be thinking “my child can’t sit still for that long” or “my child is afraid of needles,” in which…

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How do I know if My Child could benefit from Osteopathy?

does YOUR child lie like this?--with a side bend?

As an Osteopathic therapist, we often follow our patients through life, beginning from their active 20’s as athletes, to their 30’s when they start building their family, which allows us to help the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Naturally, our patients ask questions about their babies: how we might be able to assist them, when to come in for treatment, and what to look for that might indicate that their child could benefit from a treatment. “Meow” the cat is going to help us illustrate what to look for!……

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Children and Traumatic Life Experiences


It is difficult to think about traumatic experiences happening to our children. Unfortunately, negative and traumatic events do happen to children and their families. Often, people think that children may not remember the event, or those that do will “bounce back”, or even that children do not fully understand what has happened. In some cases, this may very well be true. However, children often absorb what they experience during traumatic events. Each child is different and may or may not exhibit signs of distress for an extended period of time…

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Parenting Stress in a Busy World

social support team

Parenting is hard. Parenting can take you to your emotional and physical limits. There tends to be very few breaks associated with being a parent. And despite the wealth of books and courses available to many people, I would argue that it is difficult to prepare for or prevent some of the stressors that parenthood brings. However, there are some ways to prevent these stressors from becoming too overwhelming. 1. Manage Expectations (of Yourself and your Children) I think by now most of us know that how people represent their…

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Gastro-Esophageal Reflux in Babies

baby bottle

Gastro-esophageal reflux occurs when the contents of the stomach moves backwards, up into the esophagus and can cause quite a bit of discomfort as contents carries stomach acid along with it. Babies with reflux have mild symptoms such as posseting and regurgitation, to more severe symptoms like projectile vomiting. It is common for babies to do this occasionally. Their small stomach is easily distended during feeds and their lower esophageal sphincter (the circular, constricting muscle between the stomach and esophagus) is still maturing. This maturation is typically done by about…

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Treatment via the Small Intestine Meridian

the small intestine meridian

As we say all the time here at the clinic, just because you are experiencing a specific symptom does not mean that this is the main issue affecting you. More often than not, in fact, signs and symptoms can be attributed to less obvious underlying causes. There is a surprising number of chronic health issues that can be traced back to poor digestive health. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have a long history of successfully treating these digestive health imbalances or disharmonies. A few Traditional Chinese Medicine small intestine facts:…

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Your Child’s Asthma/Eczema/Allergies might be Related to his/her Intestines


At birth, our digestive tract is sterile meaning it does not contain bacteria. It is during the birthing process that our digestive tract becomes colonized by bacteria from the mother’s vagina, colon, and rectum. Let’s compare this to a Baby Born by C-Section Since babies delivered by caesarean do not go through the birth canal, they are not exposed to the same diversity of bacteria. However, these babies will be in contact with the skin’s bacteria, which is more exposed to the outside world and this then increases the chances of…

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IBS: The Link between Anxiety and Gut Health

the mental health-physical health link

The Connection between Physical and Mental Health The more time I spend in the area of mental health, the more I learn about how intertwined our physical and psychological health really are. Recent research has started to point more clearly to the connections between the health of our gut (e.g. the digestive tract) and our mental health. One particularly interesting link seems to exist between our gut health and the anxiety we experience. The gut is considered the “second brain” by many due to the 100 million neurons located in…

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