Men are Superheroes on our Screens, but Don’t Have to Be in Real Life


First, a disclaimer: I want to state that I will be making several generalizations about men and women in this article. Not every man is defined by these generalizations and not every woman is exempt from them either. Everyone is different, and so each person should be treated as an individual and respected for what is true for them. Messages We Receive About Men and Emotions We live in a world where we receive messages about what is appropriate and acceptable for a man and what is appropriate and acceptable…

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Healthy Men, Healthy Babies: Understanding Male Infertility

male infertility

When a couple is struggling with infertility, it is common for the woman to be put under the microscope while the man rarely has more than a sperm analysis done. The woman is often excessively treated before her partner has even been thoroughly assessed. Like most health concerns, it is important to get a complete picture and not just a single test performed. Male infertility is the same as any other health concern and deserves just as much consideration. If you and/or your partner wonder if this might be an…

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Yin and Yang – The Balance of Traditional Chinese Medicine

yin yang balance

Yin and Yang Theory is a fundamental pillar of Chinese Medicine. It is also an example of how complete opposites must co-exist in order to create balance within the body and the world. Every aspect of life can be categorized as relatively more yin or more yang. Traditional Chinese Medicine examines many aspects of health using different tools to diagnose but, ultimately, everything can be broken down into yin and yang. There is a constant balance between yin and yang: when one becomes too deficient the equilibrium is lost and…

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You Might Not Be A Klutz: It Could Be Your Ligaments!


When Zara was a little girl, she always used to sit on one side, it just felt right whether she was eating her snack or playing with her toys. As you can see, side sitting favours a tilt in the pelvis, rotating one hip inward and the other one outward, each foot weight bearing on the opposite side. After a while, the lower back, pelvis, hips, knees, and feet become moulded to this position, which can lead to injuries in the future. At only 7 years old, Zara started spraining…

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Exercise with Purpose: Listen to Your Body and Optimize Your Health

runner, getting exercise

We all know how important exercise is to our health. When used appropriately, it has numerous benefits and can even reverse disease. There isn’t a single condition that does not benefit from exercise to some degree. But, it’s all dependent on how, when, and how “hard” you exercise that determines this benefit. We all have different needs when it comes to the type, frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise. One size does not fit all! Beyond that, I challenge you to evaluate if your exercise routines are serving your long-term…

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Women, Mothers, and Balance: What does “Having it All” Really Look Like?

balancing life

Compared to other times in history, we as women currently have many more choices available to us. Under the law and within society, there are many more “acceptable” ways we can work, marry, raise children, etc. Women in my mother’s generation often talk about the privileges women in my generation are privy to that they never were. And for all of this, I am grateful. Growing up in the 80s, I often heard the phrase that women were now able to “have it all” (e.g. work, families, social lives). Those…

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Acupuncture: Using Micro-Inflammation to Heal Injuries

qi character

Generally, when we talk about inflammation, we tend to think of the negatives first: redness, swelling, pain, heat, and loss of function. Inflammation is commonly associated with injuries to the muscles or joints, but it can also used to describe certain internal dysfunctions. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on physical injuries. Imagine you are out for a run when suddenly you trip and fall. Instantly, you feel red hot pain in your ankle, your hip, and maybe even your shoulder depending on how you have landed.…

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Tennis Elbow: An Invisible Wildfire of Inflammation

tennis elbow

Adam came to the clinic complaining about tennis elbow (tendinitis in his elbow) that was extremely painful, preventing him from doing his job as a carpenter, taking care of his family–helping his wife with their newborn baby–and from doing his regular CrossFit workouts.  Using my osteopathic brain, we started looking for the root cause. No, not the elbow, but the factors contributing to this inflammation of his elbow.  The Latin word ‘inflammatio’ means the action of setting ablaze. We can recognize a pathological link to inflammation by the use of…

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