Calm your Mind by using your Body: the Mind-Body Connection of Chinese Medicine

calm your mind with TCM

Our mental health is extremely important to ensure that our physical bodies are functioning well. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) identifies all emotions as having the potential to disrupt our mental health and become pathogenic. Everything from anger, joy, overthinking, grief, and fear can be the root cause of many physical symptoms in TCM when experienced out of balance. Most people will seek health advice from a professional to address the physical concerns that they are experiencing without even realizing the mental connection. And while a quick cure (usually in the…

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Caregiver/Caregivee Stress: Physical Ailments and the Impact on Relationships


When we are ill or injured (temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently), not only are our bodies impacted but so are our lives. Changes in our abilities to function day to day (e.g. tying our shoes, walking long distances, working full-time, or a myriad of other possibilities) means that we often are required to turn to those around us to support us. This is not always an easy shift–especially if the changes in our lives are significant or long-term. The way that our relationships operate can change during these times and it…

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Helping the Heart Stay Fond: Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

heart locks

My husband is from Newfoundland and, through the years, many people we know from that province have experienced a long-distance relationship. Often this meant one partner was working shifts off-shore, in the field, or in Fort McMurray while the other partner was located in a city or town far away. I have always been curious about what helped these couples maintain healthy relationships while managing the challenges that long-distance can bring. A time came in my own life when my husband had to work out of town and even though…

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Set Your Heart Free with Joy


Emotions are produced by the brain but are felt throughout our entire bodies, and the heart is no exception to this. In Chinese Medicine, every organ is associated with a dominant emotion. In the case of the heart, that emotion is joy. Can joy cause harm? The pathological version of joy that Chinese Medicine is concerned with is over-excitement: the kind that puts your nervous and hormonal systems out of balance causing symptoms of: Jitters Nervousness / anxiety Palpitations Chest pain Insomnia Vivid dreaming Other behavioural actions that might be…

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Your Heart’s Health Requires the Freedom of its Strings

heart rhythm

One important Osteopathic principle is that the structure and function of the body are related. If we use a wheel as an example; its structure is the tire and the rim, whereas its function is to support the car, and allow it to move by rotating. Now, with a flat tire, the structure is damaged and the function becomes impaired: it is a pretty obvious diagnosis, no need to call the mechanics for this. Now let’s say the function of your tire is altered: your wheel doesn’t turn anymore because…

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A Happy Mind is a Healthy Body


Why should a manual practitioner care about your happiness? Well, we care about it because your state of mind influences the state of your body more than you might think. Moreover, osteopathy is holistic, which means we consider you–the whole of you–to be a piece of the puzzle in getting you healthy again. What is Happiness? It can be hard to define, we usually know it feels good, and we want more of it! It’s a sense of deep satisfaction, well being, optimism, and meaningfulness in life. Through new research,…

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Supporting Women through Miscarriage with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine


The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Have a Baby… For some people the highs and lows of starting or growing a family can be challenging. If you are planning your family then it may start with the excitement of trying to get pregnant, followed by the uncertainty and sometimes disappointment of not succeeding the first, second, or maybe even tenth try. When you finally learn that you are expecting, you are so happy (and maybe a little scared), you can’t wait to tell all of your friends and family…

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The Habits of Happy People


As a psychologist, I am excited for the opportunity to write about happiness. I mean, what better topic for a mental health professional to write about than being happy, right? It’s strange, though, because in writing about happiness, I have realized that this is probably one of the most difficult topics to succinctly discuss. Why? Well, simply put, happiness is complicated. And humans are not wired to be happy–we’re programmed to survive. This means our brains are programmed to look for problems so that they can be addressed. So what…

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