We Are Opening Wednesday January 28th 2015

Healthy By Nature

Good news! Healthy By Nature will be opening for business on Wednesday January 28th, and you can book your appointments online or by calling the clinic at (403) 452-0029. Our Osteopathic therapy clinic is located at #101-4 Parkdale Crescent NW, Calgary, Alberta: View the prices for our Osteopathic therapy services. We will be continuing to set up the clinic over the coming weeks, but we will open our doors to you this upcoming Wednesday so that you can book an appointment and see your Osteopathic manual therapist again without too…

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Calgary’s New Osteopathic Therapy Clinic Is On The Way

Healthy By Nature's new reception area

Healthy by Nature is a new Osteopathic manual therapist clinic located in Calgary, AB, opening in early 2015. The multidisciplinary clinic will start with two Osteopathic manual therapists from France: Raphaelle Strub and Chloé Sardin. A note from the founders:   We are currently in the middle of setting up the new clinic and will be opening our doors very soon! The clinic will initially consist of us two Osteopathic manual therapists, but we are working to add a great Naturopathic Doctor, a Traditional Chinese Doctor practicing acupuncture, a Psychologist,…

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