The most Common Dysfunctions Osteopathy can help Babies with

Baby with plagiocephaly

Baby Mathias’ parents brought him to the clinic when he was only four weeks old. He had been crying non-stop since birth, and could only fall asleep if he was held by one of his parents. However, this wasn’t the only reason for Mathias’ parents to be worried. Like many other babies, here are some of the troubles he was experiencing: Colicky and gassy at night Lots of spitting up after feedings (or even hours after) Trouble sleeping (often needs to be held to fall asleep, or he wakes up…

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When we are Everything to Everyone Else (and we Ignore Ourselves)

the stress of multiple role strain can be immense

Do you feel pulled in a million different directions? Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you really mean “I really don’t want to”? Are you completely exhausted by the end of the day? Do you constantly crave time to yourself or time away? Do you feel resentful towards people in your life for having unrealistic expectations of you? Do you feel pressure to DO MORE or BE BETTER at balancing multiple demands? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may be experiencing multiple role strain.

 Throughout our…

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Fight Fatigue with our Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Promotion!

Cheryl Lee - Acupuncturist and TCM Doctor

Are you feeling tired lately? We may have just what you need! Don’t miss out on our special Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine package offer. This is a limited time offer that ends January 31st 2017. This promotion is for people who are feeling fatigued and want to feel better right now during the holidays and coming into the new year. The promotion includes: Three appointments (your first treatment plus 2 follow-ups) for $215–a savings of $55! 10% off any herbal formulas that are needed within the treatment period! Diet/Lifestyle…

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How to Boost your Immune System using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

eating healthy helps your immune system

As we welcome the fall season, we also transition from the earth element to the metal element. The metal element’s organ correspondence is of the lungs and large intestine, both responsible for purification and elimination.The lungs are considered to be a more vulnerable organ as they open to the exterior and are able to be directly attacked by exterior pathogens.  With summer fading into the distance and our routines of work and school getting more regular, it is important to not get run down and risk the health of our immune systems. Luckily, Chinese Medicine…

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