Feeling a little blue? What to do about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the “Winter Blues”

how SAD affects us

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and “Winter Blues” are different, but exist on the same spectrum. As you can guess by the name the winter blues is a milder form of SAD. SAD is actually clinical depression with a seasonal pattern. The winter blues are more common, with rates of about 15% of the population that experience it. I would argue that it’s even more prevalent, but a frequent tendency is to look for and assign blame to ourselves or our life circumstances when we’re feeling down, and so it is…

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How does your Osteopath Know what You’ve been up to? A couple of Tips to Help your Tired Body out

things your body does when it's tired

Osteopaths listen to their patients with all their senses. We look at you, but also through you; we listen with our ears, but also with our instincts; we feel with our hands, but also see with them; it’s a sense that grows with each year we practice. When Sam came to the clinic, she was complaining about numerous joint pains in different parts of her body, and needed help getting back to feeling 100% again. During our chat before the hands-on treatment, I learned that she also had tension headaches,…

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Fatigue in Children: What it looks like and What you can do

child fatigue

Fatigue affects us all, including children, unfortunately. We can be behind on our sleep due to big projects for work or school, due to anxiety, and because of time changes. Many children are affected by extracurricular activities and by the time changes, in particular. It is important to recognize the signs of fatigue in yourself and in your child. In adults, fatigue can look like forgetfulness and low tolerance. Low tolerance means we have a short amount of patience. This can be directed at our children. We must be mindful…

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Why am I so Tired? Could it be my Thyroid?

Thyroid health

I want to start this article off by saying that if you wondered if your thyroid was a problem, have already had it tested and you’ve been told “you’re fine,” keep reading! This article is for everybody with thyroid dysfunction, but especially for those of you who are tired and no one has been able to tell you why. It’s time to figure out if thyroid dysfunction is a piece of your puzzle once and for all. Hypothyroidism is a reason for fatigue, but realistically fatigue has many different contributing…

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