Poor Gut Health Might Be Linked To Depression

Gut health linked with emotional well-being

In today’s Psychologist Calgary post, I’m talking about the emerging discovery of how the human gut is strongly linked to a human’s emotional well-being. The more time I spend in the mental health field, the more I learn about just how intertwined our physical and psychological health are. Recent research has begun to point more clearly to the connections between the health of our gut (e.g. the digestive tract between our mouth and colon) and our mental health. The gut is considered the “second brain” by many due to 100…

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Large Intestine Health: Affected By Diet and Emotions

large intestine - large

…and how this affects your digestion Large intestine health, how it is affected by your diet and emotions, and how this affects your digestion is the topic of this Acupuncture Calgary post. Many people are experiencing issues with their digestive function these days and so it can help to know what influences digestion. The main function of your large intestine is to receive food from your small intestine and then absorb fluids and excrete the remainder as waste. Digestion and one’s bowel movements can give a lot of clues about…

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What’s REALLY in your holiday gift?

Inspecting the toxic chemicals in beauty products

What chemicals are in the products you’re giving and receiving? Whether you are shopping for someone else, creating something by hand, or just pampering yourself this time of year, there are some important environmental and health factors to consider when choosing self-care products and gifts. I recently spent some time speaking with students at a health fair about hormonal health and it brought up many conversations about what’s really in our beauty products. What is in these products, we are putting on our skin, and their ingredients absolutely have the…

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No, You Probably Didn’t “Sleep Funny”…

digestive tract connective tissue

…and your lower back or neck doesn’t have a problem with your bedding, but it does with the holiday season! This is the time of year where osteopathic manual therapists see the most seized up lower backs and necks. And unlike the general belief, it does not come from “sleeping funny” but more from fatigue, stress and a poor digestive system. This is why your guts and the Christmas parties don’t get along. Your digestive track holds onto your back in order to be suspended in your abdomen (remember that…

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Holiday Advice from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

holiday stress

The holidays can be a crazy time of year for many people, so it’s important to stay healthy to be able to enjoy the season fully. Staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself from the delicious holiday baking and those extra glasses of wine that come along with the holiday parties; Chinese Medicine looks at everything in moderation. Here are simple things you can do to keep healthy and enjoy your holidays: Everything in Moderation. Attending holiday parties every weekend? Are those extra meals, the baking, and the…

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Managing Holiday Season Expectations in the Social Media Age

Social media logos

There are many stereotypes of what the holiday season is “supposed to” be like. We see it in movies, watch it on television, and now we are also exposed to other people’s expectations and holiday ideas and pictures on social media. In this day and age, when we have so much information about what other people are doing in their daily lives, it is easy to start to compare what we have with what others have, and this can lead to uncomfortable feelings that what we have is somehow less…

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Can Osteopathy Help My Baby Sleep Better?

baby sleep problems

Today in the Calgary Osteopathy blog, we are discussing sleep disturbances in babies and how Osteopathy can help. Usually, we consider babies that have a good sleep pattern to be those that can sleep at least five hours in a row without the need to be fed, starting at three months old. But, sometimes your baby doesn’t want to sleep, is only doing micro naps, seems grumpy, he wakes up every hour, cries, and nothing seems to get him better. You feel like you are at the end of your…

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Having Trouble Sleeping? An Acupuncturist Reveals Which of Your Organs May Be Responsible

sleep dysfunction - body organ correlation wheel

Today’s Calgary acupuncture post is about how difficulty sleeping can sometimes be linked to different specific organs in the body, depending on the time of day the person is having trouble sleeping. To explain this, I’m going to discuss a concept from Traditional Chinese Medicine known as yin and yang: Yin and yang cycle consistently each day as the yang of daytime gradually converts into the yin of night time, and then repeats. Sometimes when the body’s own cyclical energies are interrupted, it reflects in these yin and yang cycles…

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