Osteopathy for Kids and Babies

Kids and babies can benefit from Osteopathy just as much as adults. In fact, because their bodies are young and so full of health, they can experience spectacular recoveries.

Babies and Osteopathy

In their first couple of months, babies can have problems that we treat:baby osteopathy

  • Sleep problems
  • Compartmental issues: hyper excitability, constant crying, apathetic, high sensativity
  • Digestive troubles: regurgitations, colic, gas, trouble latching, being fussy after eating
  • Skull shape abnormalities: asymmetry in the shape of the head or face, plagiocephaly (a flat spot on the back of their head)
  • Blocked tear duct
  • Posture: Back arching, or throwing their head backward, side bend in their body (banana shape), favoring head rotation or the use of one leg or arm
  • Ear, throat, nose, or lung infections
  • Traumatism: falls (especially when they start walking)

Also, certain types of deliveries make osteopathy a likely candidate for lending them a hand:

  • Long deliveries (more than eight hours), or short deliveries (less than two hours)
  • Induced deliveries
  • The use of forceps or a vacuum during delivery
  • C-section deliveries
  • Twins!
  • Premature babies
  • Having the umbillical cord wrapped around the neck during delivery
  • The use of force on the mother’s belly to get the baby out
  • Breach babies

Babies will manifest their discomfort by excessive crying or screaming.

An Osteopathic manual therapist uses very gentle hands for techniques on the baby’s body and head to relive his physical symptoms and assess the zones of restriction of mobility. Sometimes, the treatment is so subtle that it will look as though the practitioner isn’t moving her hands, while your baby is lying down or sitting up, being treated.

Often babies are quite sleepy after a treatment.

Two common questions we are asked:

Q: When can I bring my baby?
A: You can bring your little one as early as you want. It is actually better to bring them early on. Did you know that Osteopaths treat right in the hospital in some countries? They do this in order to treat immediately after the birth and set them on the right path from the very beginning.

Q: Is there anything I need for the day of the treatment?
A: Yes, we need you to put on your best entertainer costume: bring some toys and maybe some snacks to keep your little one occupied. During the treatment, we need to make sure they stay busy.


Osteopathy for Kids

When your little ones grow up and become kids, we can help with:

  • Growth and postural problems
  • Walking issues
  • Pain and chronic conditions
  • Dental and orthodontic follow up
  • (and the ones already mentioned above for babies)

In addition to bringing your kids for treatment when they suffer falls, it’s a good idea to bring them in for a Osteopathic checkup once a year to follow up on their growth and development. Your Osteopath will get to know your child’s body well enough to see new, emerging adaptations in their young bodies that can be corrected early on.


Both of our Osteopathic practitioners, Chloé Sardin and Raphaëlle Strub, excel at treating babies and kids. You can book an appointment with either of them here.

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