The Immune System: One of Your Body’s “Healthy by Nature” Mechanisms

immune system metaphorDid you know that the name of the clinic has been thought through by the osteopaths of the team because it just about sums up what osteopathy is about? An osteopath’s job is to assist the body’s natural self-healing mechanism. In medicine, this is called homeostasis, a management of the different systems composing your body in order to stay healthy (an automatic well-being thermostat, if you like).

This changes the game, as we are not saviors but, rather, are here to give a hand to a well-oiled machine that is the human body; designed with its own defence system and compensatory mechanism that sometimes needs some help when it is lacking sleep, stressed, or overworked. Our immune system is influenced by our hormones and our nervous system. It is composed of different parts:

immune system diagram

Osteopathy restores the function of the body, and an osteopath works on different systems in order to allow your natural immunity to be at its strongest. Thanks to:

  • Musculoskeletal (structural) techniques: Restriction of mobility and tensions in muscles/joints/connective tissues will be lifted, allowing a better flow of blood and lymph to circulate throughout the body. Moreover, the bone marrow of some bones in your body produces white blood cells (infection fighters).
  • Visceral (digestive) techniques: Your guts are not just your body’s composting box, they are also very important to your immune system. We will make sure your intestines are moving properly, check the emunctories responsible for the detoxing process in the body (lungs, kidneys, colon, liver), have a look at the motion of your diaphragm (for better oxygenation and pressure regulation matters), and of the immune organs like the liver and spleen.
  • Cranial techniques: In a fight or flight state our immunity is weak so we ensure that your nervous system is balanced in its task. And if you are unfortunately already sick, we have some adjustments we can perform to help the drainage of the sinuses and help headaches.

your body's pharmacy is like preventative medicine

Your osteopath’s job is to do preventative medicine to allow your natural immunity to run optimally, but if you’re sick don’t worry, we’re also here for you and we might even help you feel better faster!

If you would like to know more about your built-in pharmacy, you might enjoy this other article we wrote: Your Built-In Pharmacy might be helping your Immunity more than you realize!

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Chloé Sardin

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I'm a French-trained Osteopathic therapist who works in Calgary at Healthy By Nature. While I use many different techniques in treating patients, I draw heavily from Biodynamic Osteopathy to solve complex cases, to help babies, and to get a lot of the people who come to see me back up and on their feet, feeling better as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about me here. Book an appointment with me here.

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