10 Day Gut Cleanse

by Dr. Stephanie Bristow, Naturopathic Doctor
Start 2018 right by helping your gut recover from the holidays.
Do you have?…
Bloating or Gas
Loose, Hard, or Constipated Stools
Abdominal/Low Back Pain
Joint Pain and Arthritis
Skin Issues
Autoimmune Disease
Headaches and Migraines

Suspected Food Sensitivities

Fatigue and Poor Memory

Mental Health Concerns
These conditions are strongly connected to suboptimal digestive function.
The 10-DAY PROGAM includes:

New Patient Initial Consultation* ($200)
which includes a personalized nutritional assessment,
 meal plan, supplement recommendations, and colon cleanse
plus optional post-cleanse Follow-up ($120) – Save $40!

* existing patients can still take advantage of this promotion: you will get two discounted follow-up appointments: a 45 minute colon cleanse appointment ($110) and a 30 minute optional post-cleanse follow-up ($80)


Discounted Optional Testing for Food Sensitivity, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and/or Comprehensive Digestive Stool
Save up to $45!

Osso Bueno Bone Broth – 10% OFF

Colon Hydrotherapy (provided by Hydrotherapist Kelsey Marshall) – 10% OFF

This 10-day Naturopath-designed gut cleanse is personalized to your health concerns. This program consists of investigating the actual underlying cause of your digestive symptoms through a clinical intake and optional digestive testing, and involves possible dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation changes.

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