Stephanie Bristow

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor working in Calgary at Healthy By Nature. I use an integrated, natural approach to treating patients that involves the use of supplements and botanicals.

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Feeling Cold? Understanding Iron Deficiency & Anemia

Crawling into bed with icicles for toes? Taking you forever to warm up? Having a hard time with our winter weather? Feeling cold is a classic sign of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is different than iron deficiency anemia (you may recognize this term if you’ve been told you’re anemic). Anemia indicates that your stored iron (ferritin) levels are below a certain range and the deficiency is having an effect on your red blood cells. This is when the majority of health practitioners will inform you it’s time to start taking…

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Strengthening your Immune System this Fall with Naturopathy

person feeling sick this fall season

The immune system becomes extra important at this time of year. As the seasons change and we move from summer to fall and winter we have more exposure and more vulnerability to viruses. As we come in from the outdoors and congregate together in close contact, we see lots of children getting sick and sharing with parents and caregivers who bring it to work and presto! Cold and flu season is upon us! Most of us will get a couple colds throughout the year, but what about those of us…

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Healthy Men, Healthy Babies: Understanding Male Infertility

male infertility

When a couple is struggling with infertility, it is common for the woman to be put under the microscope while the man rarely has more than a sperm analysis done. The woman is often excessively treated before her partner has even been thoroughly assessed. Like most health concerns, it is important to get a complete picture and not just a single test performed. Male infertility is the same as any other health concern and deserves just as much consideration. If you and/or your partner wonder if this might be an…

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Exercise with Purpose: Listen to Your Body and Optimize Your Health

runner, getting exercise

We all know how important exercise is to our health. When used appropriately, it has numerous benefits and can even reverse disease. There isn’t a single condition that does not benefit from exercise to some degree. But, it’s all dependent on how, when, and how “hard” you exercise that determines this benefit. We all have different needs when it comes to the type, frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise. One size does not fit all! Beyond that, I challenge you to evaluate if your exercise routines are serving your long-term…

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