Raphaelle Strub

Raphaelle Strub

I'm an Osteopathic therapist from France, working in Calgary at my clinic: Healthy By Nature. I'm great a treating active people, getting athletes and the like back on their feet as fast as possible. I also write for the Osteopath Calgary blog, here on the site. You can read more about me here.

Ankle Sprain: a Complementary Treatment Approach to Physiotherapy

sprained ankle

Did you know that 20% of sports-induced injuries are lateral ankle sprains? Most people will experience one at some point in their life and the degree of severity will vary. A sprain is a traumatic lesion affecting a joint, caused by a lengthening or tear of the ligament fibers holding the joint together. When we talk about an ankle sprain there are actually different joints that can be affected. Depending on the direction of the trauma, the inside or outside of the ankle will be affected (the latter is more…

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Striving To Be The Next Gretzky? You Might Encounter Pubic Pain (“Pubalgy”)

pelvic pain: "Pubalgy"

When asked to write an article about men’s health, we had to consider what the most common reason men seek Osteopathic Manual Therapy might be. Well, we agreed that pubic pain (except during/after pregnancy) is a common and predominantly masculine symptom that we could write about. What is Pubalgy? The name of this pain was not picked very wisely. This is because it refers to a pain in the pubic bone but also in the area around it. It can create pain in the perineum, toward the groin laterally, and…

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You Might Not Be A Klutz: It Could Be Your Ligaments!


When Zara was a little girl, she always used to sit on one side, it just felt right whether she was eating her snack or playing with her toys. As you can see, side sitting favours a tilt in the pelvis, rotating one hip inward and the other one outward, each foot weight bearing on the opposite side. After a while, the lower back, pelvis, hips, knees, and feet become moulded to this position, which can lead to injuries in the future. At only 7 years old, Zara started spraining…

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Tennis Elbow: An Invisible Wildfire of Inflammation

tennis elbow

Adam came to the clinic complaining about tennis elbow (tendinitis in his elbow) that was extremely painful, preventing him from doing his job as a carpenter, taking care of his family–helping his wife with their newborn baby–and from doing his regular CrossFit workouts.  Using my osteopathic brain, we started looking for the root cause. No, not the elbow, but the factors contributing to this inflammation of his elbow.  The Latin word ‘inflammatio’ means the action of setting ablaze. We can recognize a pathological link to inflammation by the use of…

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A Frozen Shoulder in a Hot Summer

the shoulder joints

During the warmer months of the year, a lot of our patients are avid golfers and they try to make the most of it, looking forward to it for months in advance. If this is you, what a pity it is, then, when your shoulder starts to hurt in the spring! This is what happened to Donna. When she first came to see me, Donna’s shoulder had been getting worse (even with physiotherapy treatment and regular stretches). She was ready to try anything in order to be able to play again in…

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Feeling Stuffy All the Time? Maybe It’s Not a Cold But Sinusitis


Anna came to us because she was complaining about not being able to get rid of her “cold”. Every winter it was the same problem: temperatures would fall, and then all of a sudden she would wake up in the morning with the feeling that she could not breathe. She would try to blow her nose but nothing would come out. Sometimes it would seem to go away, but it would eventually come back with a vengeance, with the feeling that something was stuck in the back of her throat, and pressure behind her…

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Osteopath Calgary Blog: Summer Sports and Caring For Your Body


Here’s a story about a guy named Greg that you might be able to relate to. As far as our Osteopathy Calgary advice goes, this could be filed under the Calgary sports therapy section, or you might even just consider it good basic advice for participating in any strenuous activity during the summer months in our great city: Greg has been aiming to do a triathlon for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, between his busy engineering job and his family life with kids, it hasn’t happened yet. Every January,…

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