Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick

I'm a Counselling Psychologist in Calgary at the Healthy By Nature clinic. I excel in individual counselling, helping people with trauma, PTSD, and other psychological challenges. I also write for the Psychologist Calgary blog, here on the site. You can read more about me here.

Parenting Stress in a Busy World

social support team

Parenting is hard. Parenting can take you to your emotional and physical limits. There tends to be very few breaks associated with being a parent. And despite the wealth of books and courses available to many people, I would argue that it is difficult to prepare for or prevent some of the stressors that parenthood brings. However, there are some ways to prevent these stressors from becoming too overwhelming. 1. Manage Expectations (of Yourself and your Children) I think by now most of us know that how people represent their…

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IBS: The Link between Anxiety and Gut Health

the mental health-physical health link

The Connection between Physical and Mental Health The more time I spend in the area of mental health, the more I learn about how intertwined our physical and psychological health really are. Recent research has started to point more clearly to the connections between the health of our gut (e.g. the digestive tract) and our mental health. One particularly interesting link seems to exist between our gut health and the anxiety we experience. The gut is considered the “second brain” by many due to the 100 million neurons located in…

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – the Psychological Perspective

sunlights fights seasonal affective disorder

It is normal for moods to fluctuate a bit throughout the year. Sometimes, our moods increase or decrease with factors such as how busy we are at work, how well we’re sleeping, holidays, or changes in our lives (e.g. moving, challenges in relationships, being sick). However, for some people, mood may consistently be low during certain times of the year. And for a percentage of those people, the depressed mood can significantly impact their life. These people may be experiencing what is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). According…

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Mindfulness: More than just a Trendy Topic

mindfulness on the cover of TIME magazine (Feb 3, 2014)

Everywhere I go these days, I hear about mindfulness. Mind you, I do spend a lot of time around people who like to think about their thoughts and mental processes (“metacognition”) and expand awareness in their lives! But whether it’s magazine covers, social media posts, and even in my sessions with patients, people are talking about mindfulness and meditation (which is basically the practice of mindfulness). TIME magazine even released a special edition on mindfulness recently. I have come to realize that being mindful is stylish. And as a mental…

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Building your Psychological Immunity

building psychological immunity and strength

Our bodies have built-in systems to fight against threats to our health. This is one of those things that most of us are taught in school and refer to in casual conversation (especially during cold and flu season!). But how often do we talk about our psychological immunity? We all have an innate ability to withstand assaults on our mental health – whether this comes in the form of stress, a difficult relationship, an over-committed schedule, a toxic workplace, the death of a loved one, etc. But just like our…

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When we are Everything to Everyone Else (and we Ignore Ourselves)

the stress of multiple role strain can be immense

Do you feel pulled in a million different directions? Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you really mean “I really don’t want to”? Are you completely exhausted by the end of the day? Do you constantly crave time to yourself or time away? Do you feel resentful towards people in your life for having unrealistic expectations of you? Do you feel pressure to DO MORE or BE BETTER at balancing multiple demands? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may be experiencing multiple role strain.

 Throughout our…

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Maintaining Good Mental Health in the Summer

gardening may have some mental health benefits

Many of us look forward to summer the entire year. It (sometimes) brings a relief from cold weather, meaning more opportunities to be outside and enjoy the beautiful sights this city and province have to offer. However, there are aspects of summer that have both positive and negative impacts on our mental health. Here are pointers to take into consideration during the summer months to maintain good mental health: Benefits of summer to take advantage of: Being outside can improve mood. Research has shown that outdoor activities decrease the amount of cortisol…

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