Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick

I'm a Counselling Psychologist in Calgary at the Healthy By Nature clinic. I excel in individual counselling, helping people with trauma, PTSD, and other psychological challenges. I also write for the Psychologist Calgary blog, here on the site. You can read more about me here.

Psychological Immunity: Increasing our ability to Deal with Difficult People

dealing with difficult people

The body’s immune system is set up to resist and reduce the impact of elements that negatively impact the body. It does its best to either fight off or do damage control against bacteria, viruses, and even foreign objects. But what if the offending agent is another person? How do we protect ourselves from the impact of an irritating, mean, negative, abusive, or otherwise intolerable presence in our life? Most of us have someone in their life who rubs them the wrong way. It could be a member of your…

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Grieving a Lost Sport: Injuries and their Impact on Mental Health

sports injuries and how they affect mental health

As a teenager, I was a big fan of badminton. Though I was not particularly talented, I enjoyed taking weekly lessons, participating in a badminton ladder during the school year, and I generally enjoyed hitting the birdie around with my sister and various interested friends. When I was thirteen, however, I injured my knee in a bicycle accident and was not able to play badminton for almost a year. Though I was not aware of it at the time, losing a sport I enjoyed had quite an impact on me.…

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Caregiver/Caregivee Stress: Physical Ailments and the Impact on Relationships


When we are ill or injured (temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently), not only are our bodies impacted but so are our lives. Changes in our abilities to function day to day (e.g. tying our shoes, walking long distances, working full-time, or a myriad of other possibilities) means that we often are required to turn to those around us to support us. This is not always an easy shift–especially if the changes in our lives are significant or long-term. The way that our relationships operate can change during these times and it…

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Helping the Heart Stay Fond: Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

heart locks

My husband is from Newfoundland and, through the years, many people we know from that province have experienced a long-distance relationship. Often this meant one partner was working shifts off-shore, in the field, or in Fort McMurray while the other partner was located in a city or town far away. I have always been curious about what helped these couples maintain healthy relationships while managing the challenges that long-distance can bring. A time came in my own life when my husband had to work out of town and even though…

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The Habits of Happy People


As a psychologist, I am excited for the opportunity to write about happiness. I mean, what better topic for a mental health professional to write about than being happy, right? It’s strange, though, because in writing about happiness, I have realized that this is probably one of the most difficult topics to succinctly discuss. Why? Well, simply put, happiness is complicated. And humans are not wired to be happy–we’re programmed to survive. This means our brains are programmed to look for problems so that they can be addressed. So what…

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Men are Superheroes on our Screens, but Don’t Have to Be in Real Life


First, a disclaimer: I want to state that I will be making several generalizations about men and women in this article. Not every man is defined by these generalizations and not every woman is exempt from them either. Everyone is different, and so each person should be treated as an individual and respected for what is true for them. Messages We Receive About Men and Emotions We live in a world where we receive messages about what is appropriate and acceptable for a man and what is appropriate and acceptable…

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Women, Mothers, and Balance: What does “Having it All” Really Look Like?

balancing life

Compared to other times in history, we as women currently have many more choices available to us. Under the law and within society, there are many more “acceptable” ways we can work, marry, raise children, etc. Women in my mother’s generation often talk about the privileges women in my generation are privy to that they never were. And for all of this, I am grateful. Growing up in the 80s, I often heard the phrase that women were now able to “have it all” (e.g. work, families, social lives). Those…

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Relationship Inflammation: When Couples Fight

couple fight

Believe it or not, verbal disagreements in relationships are not only normal but can be healthy. We all are individual people with our own values, our own opinions and priorities – and they do not always line up with those of our partner. So when we become aware of these differences, we may fight. And if we are not fighting, this might mean we are simply avoiding the conflict which can lead to many other issues. HEALTHY vs. UNHEALTHY: It’s all in how you do it So what is the…

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