Chloé Sardin

Chloé Sardin

I'm a French-trained Osteopathic therapist who works in Calgary at my clinic: Healthy By Nature. While I use many different techniques in treating patients, I draw heavily from Biodynamic Osteopathy to treat complex cases, to treat babies, and to get a lot of the people who come to see me back up and on their feet, feeling better as quickly and efficiently as possible. I also contribute a lot of the writing for the Osteopath Calgary blog, here on the site. You can read more about me here.

The Immune System: One of Your Body’s “Healthy by Nature” Mechanisms

your natural immune system

Did you know that the name of the clinic has been thought through by the osteopaths of the team because it just about sums up what osteopathy is about? An osteopath’s job is to assist the body’s natural self-healing mechanism. In medicine, this is called homeostasis, a management of the different systems composing your body in order to stay healthy (an automatic well-being thermostat, if you like). This changes the game, as we are not saviors but, rather, are here to give a hand to a well-oiled machine that is…

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The Mind and Body Connection is Foundational to Osteopathy

happy thoughts help your body

One of the questions we get asked the most as Osteopaths is: “What is it that you do? Because I have no idea–it sounds like it has to do with the bones… are you like a chiropractor?” And then we try to explain Osteopathy in a nutshell, which is always quite challenging as it is easier to explain why we do what we do than it is to explain all the techniques that we use with our patients. A very important part of the Osteopathic philosophy is that we consider…

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Your Heart’s Health Requires the Freedom of its Strings

heart rhythm

One important Osteopathic principle is that the structure and function of the body are related. If we use a wheel as an example; its structure is the tire and the rim, whereas its function is to support the car, and allow it to move by rotating. Now, with a flat tire, the structure is damaged and the function becomes impaired: it is a pretty obvious diagnosis, no need to call the mechanics for this. Now let’s say the function of your tire is altered: your wheel doesn’t turn anymore because…

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A Happy Mind is a Healthy Body


Why should a manual practitioner care about your happiness? Well, we care about it because your state of mind influences the state of your body more than you might think. Moreover, osteopathy is holistic, which means we consider you–the whole of you–to be a piece of the puzzle in getting you healthy again. What is Happiness? It can be hard to define, we usually know it feels good, and we want more of it! It’s a sense of deep satisfaction, well being, optimism, and meaningfulness in life. Through new research,…

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How do I know if My Child could benefit from Osteopathy?

does YOUR child lie like this?--with a side bend?

As an Osteopathic therapist, we often follow our patients through life, beginning from their active 20’s as athletes, to their 30’s when they start building their family, which allows us to help the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. Naturally, our patients ask questions about their babies: how we might be able to assist them, when to come in for treatment, and what to look for that might indicate that their child could benefit from a treatment. “Meow” the cat is going to help us illustrate what to look for!……

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Your Child’s Asthma/Eczema/Allergies might be Related to his/her Intestines


At birth, our digestive tract is sterile meaning it does not contain bacteria. It is during the birthing process that our digestive tract becomes colonized by bacteria from the mother’s vagina, colon, and rectum. Let’s compare this to a Baby Born by C-Section Since babies delivered by caesarean do not go through the birth canal, they are not exposed to the same diversity of bacteria. However, these babies will be in contact with the skin’s bacteria, which is more exposed to the outside world and this then increases the chances of…

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How Osteopathy Can Help the Mind and the Body: The example of SAD

winter used to be a season for rest...

Often, patients ask me “why would you move to Canada when you could have stayed in France?” Well, let me tell you: it wasn’t for the cold, snowy, never-ending winters! It was quite shocking at first to truly experience a cold and very long Calgary winter. Whereas it was gloomy and more humid at home in France, winter certainly did not last until April. This is likely why it appears as though more patients are affected by the weather here, in Canada. The other practitioners have well described what Seasonal…

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How does your Osteopath Know what You’ve been up to? A couple of Tips to Help your Tired Body out

things your body does when it's tired

Osteopaths listen to their patients with all their senses. We look at you, but also through you; we listen with our ears, but also with our instincts; we feel with our hands, but also see with them; it’s a sense that grows with each year we practice. When Sam came to the clinic, she was complaining about numerous joint pains in different parts of her body, and needed help getting back to feeling 100% again. During our chat before the hands-on treatment, I learned that she also had tension headaches,…

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