3 Tips for Eating Healthy while Camping

healthy camping food

If you’re like me and you love heading to the mountains or the lake, then let’s talk. Often times, when we think of camping, we don’t often associate it with eating the healthiest of foods. However, you can absolutely have a very healthy and well-packed food supply for your next trip! Here’s a few of my favourite tips to feeling good and eating clean on the trails. Tip #1: Dehydrated Meals I often do long treks, and dehydrated meals have saved me lots of unnecessary back pain. The first long…

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3 Common Objections to Acupuncture

acupuncture needles

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is associated with the element of fire. Fire symbolizes maximum activity, which means it is a time to get out there, be outgoing, and move outward within nature and in our daily lives. Why not try something new this summer. Have you ever wanted to try acupuncture, but had some reservations; let me put your mind at ease. Here are 3 common objections people have about acupuncture: 1. “I don’t like needles” I can’t say that I have ever had a client who says they like…

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Concussions Can Be Difficult to Recover from, Even If It’s Not Your First Rodeo

horseback eventing whipeout

Concussions can lead to serious side effects that can last a long time. Whether it is a car crash, a skiing accident, a bad fall on ice, or from hockey or football, many concussions create a myriad of symptoms that should be treated sooner rather than later. Ideally, it is best to come in within the first ten days following a concussion in order to help the body before it starts compensating and creating symptoms. At the clinic, we have treated many patients suffering from the side effects of concussions.…

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Postpartum Anxiety: A short story about Birth and Worrying

anxiety body effect diagram

Sarah came to the clinic a while after she had her first baby. She wasn’t feeling like herself anymore, and not just physically: she reported feeling quite “worried” and fearful all the time about her newborn, her husband, and many other things. Sarah thought there was maybe something physically wrong with her that Osteopathy would be able to fix, so she came in, hoping that we’d be able to restore her to her normal laid back self. After chatting with her and having examined her body, it was clear to…

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Managing Anxiety: Three Important Steps in a Plan Personalized for YOU

anxious and sleepless

Managing anxiety is the topic of today’s entry in the Psychologist Calgary blog. I’m going to share three important steps you’ll want to incorporate into any personalized plan for managing anxiety in your life. Step One – Recognize Your Unique Symptoms Anxiety can be so ingrained into our lives that we may not even recognize it for what it is. For example, when I was studying for my registration exam, I had terrible stomach aches. I tried to figure out what I was eating to upset my stomach, I monitored…

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Lower your Anxiety by getting off the Sugar Rollercoaster

sugar rollercoaster

Have you ever noticed how eating sugary foods can affect your mood? One of the most important ways of preventing stressful and anxious episodes is to keep your blood sugar regulated. Many of us are actually quite sensitive to alterations in our blood sugar levels, but we often do not recognize this as a contributor to anxiety. When blood sugar is high or low, it can mimic or worsen stress and anxiety symptoms. Just take a look at children: it’s all too common to see a child bounce off the…

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Treating Anxiety Naturally with Acupuncture

acupuncture for anxiety is proving effective

Managing anxiety can be a tricky proposition. There are the conventional treatments of prescription medications, counselling and psychotherapy, of course. But, there is also a growing body of research that shows that acupuncture can be a helpful addition in the ongoing treatment and management of anxiety. Chinese Medical Theory states that when the free flow of Qi in the body is obstructed due to injury, stress, nutritional deficiencies, environmental changes, or external pathogens, health problems will follow. So, the fundamental goal of acupuncture treatment is always to bring the body…

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Children and Anxiety

children experience anxiety too...

Did you know that anxiety doesn’t just affect adults? Children experience anxiety as well. It is often thought that children do not experience anxiety or are oblivious to the worries of life, but this really is not the case. Although children may not worry about such things–money, college funds, or groceries–they can worry about other things such as upsetting authority figures, meeting new people, trying new things, the dark, being separated from parents and school work. These issues seem small to adults, but for children, these issues are very large…

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Social Detox: Are the People in Your Life Lifting You Up or Dragging You Down?

social detox

Do you ever have that experience where you dread seeing a particular person in your life?–that person you feel worn out and empty after spending time with them? Do you avoid texts/calls from that person? Do you feel bad about yourself after interactions with this person? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, this could be a toxic person. What do we do after identifying a toxic person in our lives? Well, the answer can be tricky. Sometimes, the person we feel is toxic is part of our workplace, our friend group,…

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Grieving: Death, Loss of a Job, the End of a Relationship, and More

feeling grief

The experience of grief is typically not very comfortable. We might experience a range of unpredictable emotions, we may feel very sensitive or disconnected, and the people around us may interact with us differently. However uncomfortable, grief is an important part of coping with change. It allows us to understand our loss and integrate into our lives. If we resist grief, the loss will continue to exist in a poignant way and can even lead to mental health concerns such as anxiety and/or depression. Often when we think of grieving,…

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