Bronchitis, Bloatedness, Eczema, and Pirates: The Story of Emunctories 

the five emunctories

Theo loves pirates but hates being sick, so his mom brought him to see if we could help with the chronic bronchitis he was experiencing every winter. Over the general questions we ask every patient, I noticed that he also had eczema on and off and seemed to get bloated inconsistently. All of those symptoms could seem unrelated and irrelevant because of their irregularity, but for an Osteopathic therapist, these start to make us think. Here is why: The body can clean itself when exposed to undesired elements from our…

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Detoxification: The Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Way

spring: time to detoxify

It’s “Spring” and the energy of spring brings the urge to clear away the debris of winter, to make room for new growth. For many, “spring cleaning” includes a personal detox regime of some sort, to clear the accumulations and stresses that have built up over the winter months. Modern environmental “toxins”, excess ingestion of food and drink, medications and supplements, all put an unnatural burden on the organs and systems in the body including the liver, kidney, lymphatics, digestive tract, and connective tissue. Acupuncture treatment (including guasha, cupping, auricular acupuncture,…

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Itchy, Watery, Leaky and Swollen: Is It Just Allergies or Could It Be Histamine Intolerance?

histamine intolerance analogy

Histamine is a key compound involved in local and body wide inflammatory response. It’s produced and released by immune cells involved in allergic responses. A classic example getting stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito and having that swollen red itchy area – that’s what histamine does. Histamine is made from the amino acid histidine found in many different foods–especially fermented foods–and is also produced by certain gut bacteria as well as your cells. The itchy, watery eyes, itchy skin, and in fact all the things that you associate…

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Recognizing the Limits of What We Are Responsible For

rain requires on real decision to be made

I’ve always enjoyed the changing of the seasons. It feels like a fresh start, a nice kind of change, and something new to look at in the natural environment. There is also something new to look at in the natural environment. There is also something freeing about recognizing aspects of our lives that lay outside of our control. I only get to notice if it’s raining, cloudy, or foggy and respond by making decisions that work for you (e.g. wearing a coat, bringing an umbrella, choosing to drive somewhere or stay home)–I…

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Five Very Unexpected Symptoms Related to Your Liver Health

liver diagram

Spring time: does it make you think about blooming flowers, birds singing, and warmer temperatures? As a practitioner, spring is also the time of year patients come with symptoms related to their liver (which, interestingly enough, is also when TCM doctors believe it is working the hardest). The liver’s job is to filter out toxic substances from the things we need. Acting like a gigantic blood sponge, it stores vitamins and sugar, metabolizes protein and fat, and helps our hormonal system. This means the liver can be affected by everything we…

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Don’t Let an Injury Turn Into a Lifelong Battle: Putting an End to Chronic Inflammation

inflammatory response buddy molecule

Inflammation has a vital role in our body and is actually a normal, healthy function of our immune system. Acutely, it’s the process our body creates to protect itself against a stress, a trauma, and for fighting off foreign ‘invaders’ such as a virus or bacteria. We can observe inflammation in our respiratory system (e.g. runny nose and cough), in our joints (e.g. swelling after a fall), or in our muscles (e.g. whiplash after a car accident). As our body mounts the inflammatory response, it brings increased blood flow and…

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Love Your Liver with Our Three Week Detox Program!

save $100 with this promotion

Get your body in gear this May with a three week detoxification program using a safe and effective liver-focused program guided by our doctor of Naturopathy: Stephanie Bristow. The health of your liver is crucial to the proper functioning of your digestive system, bowels, skin, hormonal health, and to your overall vitality. Sign up by calling us (403-452-0029) or by emailing the clinic. How do I know if I need a liver detox? Common symptoms of liver toxicity include: headaches/migraines, headaches and fatigue after eating fatigue, brain fog and memory…

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One Day I Fell… And Then I Got Nervous About Falling Again 

going down some stairs

In July 2013, I was walking down the stairs in my home early one morning. I was tired from caring for my one year old twins who were going through a period of not sleeping well. In my bleary state, I missed the last step and fell onto the hardwood floor. I knew right away that I had done serious damage to the foot that caught my fall, and I was soon was at the hospital being fit for an air cast to support my broken bone. I have noticed…

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Slip & Fall Injuries and Acupuncture

acupuncture point diagram

We tend to think about slip and fall accidents more when it’s freezing cold outside, but they can really happen at any time of the year. The top injuries reported after an unexpected slip and fall accident include head, hip, back, shoulder, and wrist injuries. These injuries can have a wide range of severity from concussions, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries; sometimes taking anywhere from a week to months to heal and recover from. Chinese Medicine views any trauma as creating an element of qi or blood stagnation. When…

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Falling On Your Bum Can Be A Pain In The Neck. Literally.

slip and fall wipeout

A patient of mine–let’s call him “Doug”–was walking his dog a while ago when suddenly an appetizing squirrel ran in front of them and his dog decided it was time for dinner. The dog pulled on the leash hard enough to make Doug lose balance on a patch of ice and made him fall quite harshly on his bum. He was quite sore and couldn’t sit easily for a while but didn’t think much of it. One morning weeks after the fall though, he woke up and couldn’t move is…

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