The Immune System: One of Your Body’s “Healthy by Nature” Mechanisms

your natural immune system

Did you know that the name of the clinic has been thought through by the osteopaths of the team because it just about sums up what osteopathy is about? An osteopath’s job is to assist the body’s natural self-healing mechanism. In medicine, this is called homeostasis, a management of the different systems composing your body in order to stay healthy (an automatic well-being thermostat, if you like). This changes the game, as we are not saviors but, rather, are here to give a hand to a well-oiled machine that is…

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Psychological Immunity: Increasing our ability to Deal with Difficult People

dealing with difficult people

The body’s immune system is set up to resist and reduce the impact of elements that negatively impact the body. It does its best to either fight off or do damage control against bacteria, viruses, and even foreign objects. But what if the offending agent is another person? How do we protect ourselves from the impact of an irritating, mean, negative, abusive, or otherwise intolerable presence in our life? Most of us have someone in their life who rubs them the wrong way. It could be a member of your…

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Colds and the Immune System according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

immune system warrior fights colds

The system in our body that we rely on so much when there are colds/flu going around is our personal “warrior”: the immune system. In Chinese Medicine, the immune system relies heavily on the state of the body’s Wei Qi (“way-chee”), otherwise known as defensive qi. This defensive energy is like a protective “rain jacket” that circulates on the exterior of the body and can be affected by both internal and external factors known as pathogens (like nasty bacteria or viruses). Internally, the immune system is most commonly affected by…

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Strengthening your Immune System this Fall with Naturopathy

person feeling sick this fall season

The immune system becomes extra important at this time of year. As the seasons change and we move from summer to fall and winter we have more exposure and more vulnerability to viruses. As we come in from the outdoors and congregate together in close contact, we see lots of children getting sick and sharing with parents and caregivers who bring it to work and presto! Cold and flu season is upon us! Most of us will get a couple colds throughout the year, but what about those of us…

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Ankle Sprain: a Complementary Treatment Approach to Physiotherapy

sprained ankle

Did you know that 20% of sports-induced injuries are lateral ankle sprains? Most people will experience one at some point in their life and the degree of severity will vary. A sprain is a traumatic lesion affecting a joint, caused by a lengthening or tear of the ligament fibers holding the joint together. When we talk about an ankle sprain there are actually different joints that can be affected. Depending on the direction of the trauma, the inside or outside of the ankle will be affected (the latter is more…

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Can Acupuncture Improve Sports Performance?

acupuncture for sports performance

Yes! Acupuncture can be used to heal from injuries, decrease recovery time, and enhance rest time. There can also be bonus side effects such as improved digestion and sleep–both of which lead to better overall health and wellness. Acupuncture activates your body’s own healing response which are responsible for the release of your natural pain relieving hormones while simultaneously increasing blood flow to the affected area to promote further healing. This reaction not only triggers a local effect to the injured tissues, but also a systemic anti-inflammatory effect through the…

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Grieving a Lost Sport: Injuries and their Impact on Mental Health

sports injuries and how they affect mental health

As a teenager, I was a big fan of badminton. Though I was not particularly talented, I enjoyed taking weekly lessons, participating in a badminton ladder during the school year, and I generally enjoyed hitting the birdie around with my sister and various interested friends. When I was thirteen, however, I injured my knee in a bicycle accident and was not able to play badminton for almost a year. Though I was not aware of it at the time, losing a sport I enjoyed had quite an impact on me.…

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The Mind and Body Connection is Foundational to Osteopathy

happy thoughts help your body

One of the questions we get asked the most as Osteopaths is: “What is it that you do? Because I have no idea–it sounds like it has to do with the bones… are you like a chiropractor?” And then we try to explain Osteopathy in a nutshell, which is always quite challenging as it is easier to explain why we do what we do than it is to explain all the techniques that we use with our patients. A very important part of the Osteopathic philosophy is that we consider…

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